Interlocking Concrete Forms in Calgary,  Alberta

Logix concrete insulated forms

LOGIX® concrete insulated forms (ICF) are based on the simple concept of interlocking blocks. LOGIX ICF provides a wall system that is long-lasting, quick to build, and integrates easily with other construction components.

Based on the concept of interlocking blocks, insulated concrete forms (also called ICF) fit snugly together. Walls made with ICF are quick to install and last for decades. Other advantages are:


- Energy efficient

- Accepts any finish

- Sound Proof

- Highly moisture resistant

- Improves air quality

- Environmentally friendly

After ICF components are locked together in the desired configuration, rebar is placed and concrete is poured into the inner cavity to create a strong, sturdy wall. The forms are left in place, which has a powerfully positive effect on all the areas listed above.

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Logix logo concrete insulated forms

LOGIX Platinum Series is today's solution for architects, contractors and building owners.

LOGIX Platinum Series is powered by BASF’s patented Neopor® bead. Tiny graphite particles give Neopor it’s “Platinum” color. These infrared absorbers and heat reflectors reduce thermal conductivity.

LOGIX Platinum Series provides more R-value without increasing wall thickness. LOGIX Platinum Series delivers up to R27 with our regular 2.75" panel thickness. That’s 23% more R-value than most ICF’s offer.

LOGIX Platinum Series is better for contractors, as well. The elimination of the sun glare from regular white panels makes it easier on the eyes.

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